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    About Us

    About Us

    Welcome to Excess Technology. We are an Australian owned IT asset recovery and E-waste recycling solutions provider,compliant and certified to internationally recognized standards for quality, safety, environment, and e-waste processing. Excess Technology is a company created to help business communities with their e-waste recycling needs and maximize financial return on end of life IT equipment.We specialise in IT services designed to simplify and secure your IT decommissioning and refresh projects. From e-waste collections and data destruction through to enterprise asset relocations and re-deployments, we provide flexible solutions tailored to your business requirements.
    Excess Technology
    Since our founding in 2013, Excess Technology has been committed to providing the most secure and environmentally compliant IT recovery services for companies experiencing changes in their IT equipment needs. Our clients are able to focus on growing their business because they have us to focus on helping them to dispose of end of lifecycle computer equipment.Excess Technology was created because the recovery market for IT equipment wasn’t keeping up with the fast pace of technology advancements. Technology was growing in speed, capacity, and capability, and companies needed this new equipment to advance their missions. They were retiring equipment that still had plenty of usable life, and used computers and monitors were routinely being thrown in landfills despite laws prohibiting this practice.Excess Technology pioneered the IT asset recovery market, and found ways to help companies maximize returns from their used computer equipment, while keeping computer equipment out of landfills.We deal with a wide variety of used business-class equipment from all major brand names. We process used computer equipment in our warehouse facility in Wetherill Park, NSW. With over 20 employees, we have the expertise and know-how to securely manage the transition of your end of lifecycle IT equipment into new hands, by being affordably refurbished, or in cases where equipment cannot be salvaged, disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.Our competitive rates, highly experienced team, complete end-to-end service, customized solutions for respective industries and maximized returns provides an efficient solution to your business needs.


    Excess Technology’s Integrated Business Management System (IBMS) is established in accordance with the Management System Standards ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and AS/NZS 5377. This assures the quality of our work, the safety of our people, and protection of the environment.Our IBMS ensures that we focus on the strategy of best practice, and continual improvement of our business practices. Adherence to the policies, procedures and records of our IBMS assures our clients that Excess Technology provides products and services that conform to requirements. The IBMS also defines the company objectives, structure, and also the responsibilities and authorities of our people. The quality, work health and safety and environmental system requirements are complementary to industry standards, legislation and codes of practice.The Policy Statements outline the company’s objectives, commitment to compliance with requirements, and continual improvement of our Integrated Business Management Systems. They are communicated to all employees during induction, and implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization.Quality Policy Excess Technology is dedicated to quality and continuous process improvement for both customers and its own people. This is documented within PO-02 Quality Policy. Environmental Policy Excess Technology is committed to a level of environmental awareness, management, and controlthat is in line with the community expectations and standards. This is documented within PO-03 Environmental Policy. Work Health and Safety Policy Excess Technology recognises its moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for employees, contractors, customers and visitors.This is documented within PO-04 WH&S Policy. Risk Management Policy Excess Technology is committed to the management of risk as an integral part of its operations, focusing on strategies to minimise risk to the company’s mission and objectives.This is documented within PO-05 Risk Management Policy.

    Excess Technology - Corporate Social Responsibility - Charity and Community work

    Excess Technology provides IT Recovery Services offering asset auditing, removal, on-site and offsite data destruction. Also recycling or remarketing e-waste, and issuing data destruction certificates. Since we were first established, we have been involved in charitable work, and it has always been at the heart of who we are as an organization. In our own way, together with communities and partners we aim to have an impact on the lives of those less fortunate. Over the years, with our dedication to bringing about change in society, we have had opportunities to donate, and help various organizations and schools. Since 2018, we’ve helped trusted community-led organizations in Australia and Myanmar, access the tools, training and support needed to make our world a better place. Here is a look at some of our achievements so far.
    November 2018
    Excess Technology donated refurbished PCs, laptops, iPads, monitors, and projectors to Hope for Shining Stars (NFP, NGO) in Myanmar.
    Hope for Shining Stars is an education-based organization in Myanmar that works towards empowering children and teachers to develop their skills, using a customized education curriculum including vocational studies. The organization also assists young people after they have completed their non-formal education.
    We are glad to support the organization’s mission and help cultivate hundreds of young children’s dreams. We hope that the technical resources we provided will enable them to take their organization to the next level, enabling to help more children.

    June 2019 Excess Technology joined hands with the Burmese Community Development Collaboration (NFP, NGO) in Australia and donated a 40ft container full of IT equipment to the Myanmar Red Cross Society (MRCS)in Myanmar.
    The BCDC's Mission is to harness and leverage the collective skills, knowledge, and resources of individuals and organizations from across the diverse sectors, both public and private, government, NGOs and academic sectors to help improve the wellbeing in the communities in Australia and Myanmar.
    Myanmar Red Cross Society’s mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity.

    September 2019Excess Technology donated AU$5000 to Refugee Advice & Casework Service (RACS) on behalf of Herbert Freehills, a prestigious law firm in Australia.
    The Refugee Advice & Casework Service is a powerful, independent public advocate for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers. They advocate for refugee justice and dignity via the provision of competent legal services and advocacy.
    Excess Technology also donated AU$5000 to Medicines Sans Frontiers on behalf of Herbert Freehills.
    This organization gives medical help to populations affected by conflict, diseases, natural disasters, or healthcare restrictions. Their teams composed of vast numbers of health experts, logisticians, and administrative personnel.

    October 2019Excess Technology collaborated with the BCDC again and provided a 20ft container load of IT equipment to the U HlaTun Hospice (Cancer) Foundation, the Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network (APHN) in Myanmar.
    The Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care network is dedicated to promoting hospice and palliative care in Asia and the Pacific.
    Excess Technology’s initiative to provide IT equipment to the foundation would facilitate research and development to fight and prevent this disease.

    November 2019 Excess Technology donated 20 refurbished Dell Laptops to St. Bishoy College for which we also received a certificate of appreciation from the institution. The college strives to provide a comprehensive education that aims to develop young people's spiritual, intellectual, social, cultural, and physical potential.
    Excess Technology’s donation will surely enable the college to succeed in its cause and encourage students' development toward the full realization of their intellectual potential.
    Our contribution will undoubtedly make studying more enjoyable through the utilization of a range of audio-visual materials that will foster creativity.

    July 2020Excess Technology worked with BCDC and donated a 40ft container load of IT equipment to universities, schools, and organizations in Myanmar. Various schools in Myanmar require computers to offer E-Learning education and to study from many informative videos on the internet. Our aim is to make a difference by donating refurbished PCs and laptops.
    We have had the opportunity to contribute in increasing the institute's administrative capabilities, allowing them to provide a better learning environment for students.

    June 2021Excess Technology refurbished 76 Dell laptops on behalf of Herbert Freehills for donation to Telethon Speech and Hearing. Telethon Speech & Hearing (TSH) from Western Australia brings together a range of interrelated assistance for children with hearing loss and/or speech issues, to help them and their families. Their initiative is bringing hope, support, and happiness to millions of families.
    We could not have found a better cause to send these laptops to. Our contribution will hopefully assist the organization in continuing its cause.

    October 2021 Excess Technology refurbished 10 laptops, monitors, and docking stations and donated on behalf of Herbert Freehills for the Asylum Seeker Resource Center.
    The Asylum Seeker Resource Center (ASRC) is an Australian organization that provides assistance to asylum seekers.
    Excess Technology also refurbished 10 laptops, monitors and docking stations and donated on behalf of Herbert Freehills for PCs for Kids.
    PC's for Kids is a self-funded charity, run exclusively by volunteers. The work done here goes to help many children. As a direct result many children and families obtain vital technology. This technology goes on to help them into higher areas of learning and towards a brighter future.

    December 2021Excess Technology is one of the generous sponsors of the Fundraising Gala Dinner presented by the Myanmar Community (Sydney) on 11 December 2021. Excess Technology donated AU$5000 where the event raised over AU$140,000.00 for the people of Myanmar for medical assistance and humanitarian aids.
    Excess Technology donated 20 refurbished laptops to St. Bishoy College for the second time.
    The contribution from Excess Technology will undoubtedly help the institution grow in its mission and boost students' development toward the full understanding of their intellectual potential.
    Excess Technology donated 20 refurbished laptops to the Aldridge High School in Australia. The Aldridge State High School allows students to focus on attaining achievement in a variety of academic, vocational, sports, and cultural interests.
    The donations guarantee that everyone has the basic tools they need to thrive in school.

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    Our Certifications
    • AS/NZS 5377:2013 Collection, Storage, Transport and Treatment of end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment Certificate #: 4218-1885-01 Certification Date: 06 October 2022
    • ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems Certificate #: 3558-1885-01 Certification Date: 31 March 2022
    • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Certificate #: 3558-1885-01 Certification Date: 31 March 2022
    • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems Certificate #: 3558-1885-01 Certification Date: 31 March 2022
    • Blancco Silver ITAD Partner

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