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Secure Data Erasure Services in Sydney

Isn’t it wonderful when a company offers what you want, at the price you can afford? Well, Excess Technology has certified engineers to wipe the data off your hard drives permanently, without leaving a trace behind. Whether you want these services in a DC environment or office-based location, our team can visit the premises fully prepared. So, you can expect secure data destruction services in Sydney whenever you call us!
Excess Technology ITAD Services:
We just need answers to the following questions to provide you with a quote for our data wiping services!
  • Which type of HDD do you have that needs hard drive erasure?
  • How many HDDs are there in total, and of which sizes?
  • Do you want on-site data destruction or off-site data destruction services?
  • Can you please provide us with the location of your site with the postcode?
Within a couple of hours or so, our team will provide you with a complete quote for our data wiping services in Sydney. Excess Technology ensures that none of your data will end up in the wrong hands. Data can be wiped or physically destroyed at your premises or back at our warehouse. Whether you’re selling, trading-in, or recycling your hardware, data security is a priority. Depending on your industry and compliance standards, you will have various options to choose from when erasing your organisation’s data.

Onsite Erasure

With our on-site service, an engineer will come at your location, bringing all the necessary tools with them to digitally sanitize your storage media in accordance with industry standards. This process removes data completely while leaving the hardware intact for remarketing. We provide 3-pass and 7-pass options available for DoD compliance regulations. Excess Technology uses Blancco software to erase data from hard drives.

Onsite HDD Destruction

Excess Technology can come to your premises to destroy hard drives with our NSA approved crusher. Our technicians will provide you with a report of all hard drives destroyed.

Onsite Hard Drive Degaussing

Excess Technology provides onsite magnetic degaussing of hard drives and tapes. The degausser produces an erasing field many times stronger than the erasing fields produced by the read/write heads in hard drives and tape drives. The field strength along with the encompassing magnetic field ensure the data is no longer recoverable by computer or laboratory attacks. Our technicians will provide you with a report of all hard drives degaussed.

Erasure of Network Devices

Networking devices such as switches and routers do not contain hard drives that need to be wiped, however they do have configurations that need to be removed. With Excess Technology, our technicians erase configurations on all network devices and restore them to factory default.

Why Choose Excess Technology – Benefits Of Hiring Us

When you talk about secure data shredding and wiping services, there are lots of companies in Sydney. So, why should you pick our data erasure services when you can quickly look for other options? Let’s find out.
  • Our engineers have years of experience when it comes to on site data destruction services. So, you can rely upon their expertise to wipe the data off your HDDs once and for all.
  • We provide certificates for each HDDs data erasure, so you can use them while reselling each unit in the market.
  • You can also expect us to destroy all the HDDs if you want physically; our team is capable of such data destruction services in Sydney.
So, call us now.

Our other Services

IT Asset Disposal
Excess Technology provides the most ecologically friendly and ethically responsible methods for decommissioning end-of-life and overstocked IT assets. Information technology asset disposal offers businesses a legally compliant, environmentally protective, maximum financial return and data secure method for decommissioning of old or retired IT equipment.
E-waste Recycling
The correct management of e-waste starts by keeping your old IT hardware and electronics out of landfill. There are costs associated with recycling e-waste. The first cost is the removal or collection, the second comes from recycling of e-waste and the third is from data destruction and hard drive shredding. If your company has old IT equipment that has been set aside for disposal, please contact Excess Technology to schedule a pickup. The cost of having your office’s e-waste collected and recycled may be less than you think and in some cases, it might even be FREE!
Removal & Collection
Having your IT assets and e-waste collected is simple; we offer a priority service that can be on a same day or a next day basis. Or we can arrange a collection in a week or on a day in the future that best suits your schedule. Excess Technology offers a removal service which is flexible and designed to help you remove old IT and communications (ICT) hardware. Our removal engineers are experienced in removing everything from servers, large switches and routers, large storage systems to racks.
It Asset Buyback
Our removal and collection service encompasses the secure removal of all electronics, IT equipment and electrical machinery from locations Australia wide. Excess Technology are experienced in removing and collecting IT equipment from both offices and data centres.
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