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E-Waste Recycling

Recycling Your Old Electronic Devices
We recycle material that is at its true end of life. Excess Technology processing equipment is environmentally friendly and separates material into recoverable components that are then returned to the market. All electronics will be broken down and separated to commodity levels, i.e., plastics, metal, aluminium, copper, circuit board, etc. These base components are then sent off to be refined, smelted, or recycled into clean commodities to be reused in worldwide production, a full-circle process.
Excess Technology Recycling Solutions
  • Responsible Recycling
  • Secure Transportation & Storage
  • Secure Data Destruction
  • Certificates of Recycling
  • Certificates of Data Destruction
  • Full-Service Pick-ups
  • Fully Customisable to fit your needs
  • Single point of contact
  • Nationwide Capabilities
  • Zero Landfill
Why Sign Up with Excess Technology? E-waste disposal can be problematic if the proper steps are not taken along the way, especially when it comes to large-sized companies. There are so many old computers, peripherals, and other electronic devices that need the proper disposal treatment to avoid causing any harm to the environment. Excess Technology is the perfect fit for this task, as we have everything you’re looking for in a professional E waste recycling service provider! Experienced Crew Whether it’s E waste collection, disposal, or the recycling aspect of this service, you can rely upon our crew’s expertise and years of experience. We are experts at disposing of computer waste properly and safely, before recycling the equipment for further use. No Hidden Charges Our team will ask for your requirements, and will send you a quote as soon as possible, normally within a couple of hours. We make sure that all the costs of collecting, disposing, and recycling your end-of-life electronics are listed appropriately in this quote. So, you will never have to pay any additional and unexpected charges when you hire Excess Technology for computer waste recycling. Environment-Friendly Solutions Nowadays, more and more companies realise that we all have a responsibility to protect our environment. With this in mind, our team offers environment-friendly E waste disposal services. Our team will collect your electronic devices and dispose of them in a controlled, regulated, and ecologically aware manner. Are you interested in our services, or simply want to know more? Then please feel free to call us today. Nowadays, you can easily just replace old IT devices with newer, more convenient, and cheaper electronic gadgets. So, what can you do about the old and broken electronic devices? Have you heard about E waste recycling? In this, a company picks up the E-waste (electronic waste) and takes care of its disposal and recycling processes. So, you can safely dispose of the broken electronic devices without dumping them into the landfill. And we know the perfect company that offers E waste collection, disposal, and recycling services in Sydney. Welcome to Excess Technology – Computer E Waste Recycling specialists!

Our other Services

IT Asset Disposal
Excess Technology provides the most ecologically friendly and ethically responsible methods for decommissioning end-of-life and overstocked IT assets. Information technology asset disposal offers businesses a legally compliant, environmentally protective, maximum financial return and data secure method for decommissioning of old or retired IT equipment.
Removal & Collection
Having your IT assets and e-waste collected is simple; we offer a priority service that can be on a same day or a next day basis. Or we can arrange a collection in a week or on a day in the future that best suits your schedule. Excess Technology offers a removal service which is flexible and designed to help you remove old IT and communications (ICT) hardware. Our removal engineers are experienced in removing everything from servers, large switches and routers, large storage systems to racks.
Onsite Data Data Erasure & Destruction
Excess Technology ensures that data from hard drives is erased using military grade software or crushed using DOD compliance hardware. Excess technology provides onsite or off-site data erasure and hard drive destruction service.
It Asset Buyback
Our removal and collection service encompasses the secure removal of all electronics, IT equipment and electrical machinery from locations Australia wide. Excess Technology are experienced in removing and collecting IT equipment from both offices and data centres.


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