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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you work with individuals? Our primary focus is on business. However, we will work with individuals if they have a large quantity of goods.Is there a cost for recycling electronics with Excess Technology? There can be a cost if all of the items for disposal are simply e-waste, and have no value at all. However, we can normally pay for collections or collect for free if there is some value to be found in the devices.What certifications and qualifications does Excess Technology have?
    • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems
    • ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems
    • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management
    • AS/NZS 5377:2013 Collection, Storage, Transport and Treatment of end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment
    • BLANCCO Sliver ITAD Partner
    Do I need to package up my items for collection? It is not essential that you package up the equipment that you intend to dispose of, but often it will help with the process. For large out-of-state collections that require palletizing, it can save the cost of sending our agents to pack on your behalf. This saving is then passed on to you as we are able to offer more as we save on the agent's time.Do you collect from outside NSW? Yes, we have agents in all major cities throughout Australia. For more remote areas we can also collect if customers are able to box or palletize the equipment for collection.What information do you need to give an accurate quote on used devices? As much relevant information as possible such as Make, Model, Condition, Processor, HDDs, Memory, Screen Size, etc.What materials, devices, and equipment can Excess Technology recycle? We recycle IT and Telecoms Equipment such as Laptops & Tablets, Desktops & Workstations, All-in-one computers, Monitors, Enterprise Servers & Storage Devices, Networking Devices, IP Phones, Mobile Computer, Components & Parts and Peripherals & Accessories. A list of electronic devices and equipment we recycle can be found E-Waste RecyclingWhat happens to the equipment after it's disposed of? Excess Technology will typically refurbish or recycle the equipment, depending on its condition. In some cases, the equipment may be resold or donated to a charitable organization.What is the process once a price is agreed? Once you accept the quote we arrange collection, and carry out a full audit, we also erase drives where instructed. The audit report and erasure certificates will then be sent to you, and you send us your invoice for the agreed amount.Do you issue certificates of erasure when wiping drives? Yes, we do issue certificates for both erasure and destruction of drives.I have deleted all important files from the devices, is this sufficient? It is important to point out that file deletion does not mean private data has been fully removed, and that proper data erasure techniques need to be implemented in order to be certain there is no possibility of data privacy issues. If there is sensitive information or data on these devices then we recommend that you use our data erasure service. We can organize a 1, 3 or 7 pass wipe using Blancco software https://www.blancco.com/products/drive-eraser, or destroy drives using our ‘Garner PD-5 Data Destroyer’ crushing machine https://garnerproducts.com/products/solid-state-flash-destroyers/pd-5-with-ssd-1-solid-state-flash-destroyer. Additionally, if required, we are able to degauss HDDs or Tape Drives using our Garner HD-2XTE IRONCLAD device https://garnerproducts.com/products/hard-drive-degausser/hd-2xt-ironclad.